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CBTS took a look at my tax returns for previous years, and found a mistake that was made by the CA that did my tax return for that year. As a result, I got back another $280.00*, that I was entitled to.
P. O’Malley, Uxbridge, ON
CBTS set up and maintain our bookkeeping system. As a medical rehab clinic the only service we have to charge HST on is massage. Our previous bookkeepers were not separating the GST/HST from our expenses. After CBTS started doing our books and recording expenses in the proper way, we get back an HST refund from the government, as we pay out more each quarter than we take in. Thus saving us thousands of dollars over the years.
Dr. V Muriel Trigenics,
CBTS rate for seniors is unbeatable. For years I was charged around $300.00 by a CA firm in Markham. I was so happy being charged only $50.00** that I hugged the person doing my taxes.
J. Lunn, Toronto, ON
CBTS was instrumental in setting up our accounting system and training our staff on how to record sales. With their expertise and patience we were able to get things done in a timely manner with little effort.
B. Flecknell, Darkside Technologies, Moncton NB
CBTS helped me get the Caregiver Credit for my disabled adult son. I never knew there was such a thing until I talked to them. There were several loopholes to jump through to get approved, but they were there every step of the way. Now I am getting the much needed money to help me take care of my son.
P. Ottaway Uxbridge, ON
Through the help of CBTS setting up and teaching me how to use Quickbooks, I have been able to do my job in a timely and professional manner. If I have ever needed help in anything they have just been a phone call away, and were able to coach me over the phone in most cases.
S. Mozheyko Toronto, ON
* Results will vary
** Plus GST/HST